Zeke Samuel Clough

Zeke Clough, the man behind Skull Disco Records incredible artwork, and various other projects including logos for Warp Records,
T-shirts for Semantica Records and album covers for Mordant Music. Zeke is diverse in his creative output – Drawing, music, story telling and cathartic croaning are his specialities, as well as conducting drawing and art workshops with young people. You really have to visit his website to see for yourself the full extent of his capabilities!

Huw Caspar Turner Wahl

Huw has done various things including being a cycle courier, running a bike shop in Levenshulme, running a freight bike courier business, building camper vans, painting and writing, photographing and making films.

David Magnus Birchall

As well as being in the LBO David Birchall has been a paper boy, burger flipper, sales assistant, factory hand, shoe scrubber, student, flyer distributer, poster paster, check out gimp, builder, squatter, postman, door knocker, recycling officer, play worker, homework centre worker, teaching assistant, musician, support worker, instrument builder, artist, arts worker and teacher.

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